Lean Energy Management

Ecopare’s Lean Energy Management solution is a fully managed Energy Resource Management solution for industrial companies. The solution provides detailed energy mapping and analysis across the production facility allowing Manufacturers to see energy consumption down at a machine or process line level. This information provides insight into where energy is being consumed, how much of it is value-added and how it may be optimised.

What we provide

We manage the entire programme from the non-invasive installation of our hardware, the automated data collection and verification, offsite analysis and the presentation of the information to your team.

Over an 8 week cycle we deploy our energy sensors onto a number of three-phase machines or machine groups, heat sources or gas meters. You will receive two 4-week cycle reports providing key information such as:

  • Overall Energy Profile of the facility
  • Detailed Energy Personality profiles for each machine being monitored
  • Identification on where non-value added energy is being consumed
  • Recommendations on how to reduce the wasted energy

From these reports you will be able to reduce your energy bill by identifying and eliminating where waste consumption is occurring. Provide accurate energy cost per product line within your production facilities and have enhanced control of energy consumption.

What we measure

A typical Lean Energy Management project takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. During this time we install energy sensors across a facility to capture the energy data over a production cycle. We deploy the sensors on:

  • Three phase electricity meters on pumps, motors and process lines
  • Gas meters on boilers, ovens and AHU's
  • Pressure sensors and electricity meters on air compressors
  • Temperature sensors on process lines where heat is used as an energy source.

From this data collection we can identify:

  1. Weekly energy usage showing baseloads, peak usage and outliers.
  2. Machine efficiency compared to other machines (for example CNC machine comparisons
  3. Energy Personalities to identify energy waste
  4. Machine condition reporting via energy consumption levels

Key Benefits

  • Energy Profiles across your shop floor with a level of detail that your energy suppliers cannot provide
  • Tools and techniques to help you identify where energy is being wasted and help on how to reduce this waste
  • Detailed business case evidence for capital replacement programmes
  • A unique insight into how various machines are actually being operated, giving you rich information for OEE or Value Stream Mapping projects

Qualified Staff

Our team consists of Certified Energy Auditors and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals, qualified electrical technicians and seasoned Project Managers.


Our installation processes are ISO9001 accredited and we provide detailed pre- and post- project documentation .



We are fully insured to deliver smart metering installations and are SafeContractor accredited for Health and Safety.


We use multiple suppliers to ensure the best prices and we have our own in-house team to deliver the project at the right price.

Our results

  • Metal Fabrication Company

    A heat treatment plant was optimised to reduce power during non-working periods to reduce its base load. Resulted in £17,000 of savings per annum

  • Printing Shop

    Identified large energy waste due to incorrect compressed air system setup. Resulted in a reduction of 62% of the facilities energy bill

  • Injection Moulding

    Business case development for the replacement of older motors to newer, energy efficient motors saving £10,000 per annum and deferring £60,000 substation upgrade

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