LED Lighting Controls

To maximise the energy savings of an LED lighting project, we always look at installing lighting controls. The types of controls we use is very dependent of the type of client and what is required. We use a range of wireless based daylight and occupancy sensors coupled with smart controls that can manage the levels of light output.

On top of the usual 60%-70% savings from a typical LED lighting project, we usually can reduce this figure by another 10%-15% through controls.

Types of Lighting Control

Ecopare uses a range of controls depending on what the requirement is:
  • Daylight harvesting with dimmable LED fittings. We install these locally in the fitting that can dim the fitting down as the amount of daylight increases.
  • Occupancy Sensors with dimmable LED fittings. We install these sensors in areas where it may be hazardous not to have any light at all. This is usually in warehouses, factories and hospitals.
  • Wireless controls. Making use of RF and Enocean types of networks we can install additional lighting controls such as wall switches, daylight sensors and timer controls without rewiring. This is a low cost solution when looking at upgrading to LED lights in an existing building.

A typical LED lighting control project

Each project we undertake is very client specific. However, we always follow a structured installation process to ensure we deliver on time. This process includes: Pre-project
  1. Technical site visit to verify Risk Assessment and Method statements
  2. Project Documentation sign off
  3. Project kickoff including safety briefings, ways of working and access arrangements
  4. Lighting Energy data collection for energy savings reports
During project
  1. Daily risk assessments, site briefings and toolbox talks
  2. Controls integration and quality checks
  3. Streaming of waste for safe disposal and recycling
Post project
  1. Lighting Energy data collection for energy savings report
  2. Controls commissioning and end user training
  3. Certifications, Operations and Maintenance Manual and savings report

What our clients say

"Our hall lighting was always an issue during assembly as we have to turn off all the lights with a single switch when using our overhead projector. Ecopare installed a wireless switch to convert the hall into lighting zones for better control."

Bursar - Church of England School

"Ecopare's daylight harvesting controls have reduced our lighting by a further 10% without a large investment"

Facilities Manager - Serviced offices

Why you should use Ecopare


Qualified Staff

Our team consists of Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals, qualified electricians and seasoned Project Managers.


Our installation processes are ISO9001 accredited to ensure quality of delivery.



We are fully insured to deliver LED Lighting projects and are SafeContractor accredited for Health and Safety.


We use multiple suppliers to ensure the best prices and we have our own in-house team to deliver the project at the right price.

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