Energy Management Solutions

Our Energy Management Solutions are designed to optimise energy consumption. We assist in identifying energy usage, patterns of use and potential wasted energy. Our solutions also provide practical advice on how to optimise this usage to ensure you are only paying for what you need to run your business.

The services include Energy Auditing, ESOS reporting and Energy Reduction Training. We also provide an independent service to assess the value and savings of energy reduction projects through our Measurement and Verification service

Our services

We provide a number of discrete services to help you optimise your energy usage . We have the expertise to audit, verify and manage energy consumption. Our services include:

Occupancy vs Energy usage Audits

Is your business facing higher operational energy costs per employee due to safe social distancing? Ecopare's energy auditing solution provides baseline energy cost profiles with occupational and environmental data to uncover waste energy.

Energy Audits

Ecopare's Energy Audit covers all types of estates and facilities from industrial complexes through to small offices. Our teams consists of Certified Energy Auditors, Energy Consultants and specialist Engineers. We provide a range of audits from energy verification audits through to ESOS compliant reporting.

Thermographic Audits

Ecopare has a range of tools to deliver detailed thermographic audits across a range of applications: buildings, industrial processes, electrical distribution and steam/compressed air systems. The audits can be either a once off or on a continuous basis to measure variances.

Energy Measurement and Verification

Ecopare has the capability to provide independent Energy Measurement and Verification (M&V) of savings for any Energy reduction project. Our consultants are CMVP certified to ensure a professional standard of reporting.

ISO 50001 implementation

Ecopare can assist you in implementing an ISO50001 Energy Management System for your organisation. Our standard methodology will get you up and running in a matter of weeks rather than months. We have expert knowledge in a range of sectors including Industrial, Commercial and Educational sectors.

Energy Awareness Workshops

Our complementary half day public or paid for on site workshops provides practical, non-technical advice on managing energy and reducing waste energy.

Our Clients

We provide Energy Management solutions to a range of clients including:

Our Team's Certifications

Our energy management division is made up of qualified energy auditors, as well and energy management technicians to provide auditing and advice on managing your energy requirements. Some of the certifications Ecopare and its staff have include:

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