Solutions to help reduce your energy usage

Our portfolio of solutions has been developed to enable our clients to reduce their energy spend. They range from Energy Auditing and energy reduction training, through to installing energy efficient technologies such as LED Lighting. We pride ourselves in having the ability to both provide the consulting and the delivery aspects of an energy reduction project.

Our team are all certified energy practitioners and our processes are ISO9001 accredited to ensure the highest level of quality. We are also SafeContractor accredited to ensure that all delivery projects are risk assessed and completed safely.

Our approach is to ensure we gather the necessary data to make informed decisions, align all projects to our client's strategic visions and deliver value in the form of reduced energy usage.

Energy Management Solutions

Our Energy Management Solutions are designed to capture the requirements and data, frame the issue and to provide practical knowledge on how to reduce your energy usage.

The services include Energy Auditing, ESOS reporting and Energy Reduction Training. We also provide an independent service to assess the value and savings of energy reduction projects through our Measurement and Verification service

Smart Metering and IOT Solutions

Measurement is the first step into being able to manage energy usage. We have developed a set of tools that allows us to install sensors on all types of energy systems. This allows us to collect real-time data that can be used in determining where we can optimise the use of energy.

Our systems also collect other environmental data such as temperature, vibration, pressure, flow and humidity. These sets are used to see if external factors are affecting the consumption levels.

LED Lighting Solutions

Ecopare has installed over 100,000 LED lamps into our client's facilities. We have the expertise to survey, design and install all types of LED lighting.

Our sector specific solutions are tailored to specific LED lighting attributes such as colour temperatures, glare ratings and lighting controls. We are supplier independent so we offer impartial advice on the best LED lighting solution.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Ecopare's newest solution set is Electric Vehicle Charging Point installations. We are now OLEV accredited to install EV chargers in both commercial and domestic environments. This means our clients can obtain grant funding towards their EV charging infrastructure.