Revealing the Power in the Process

Ecopare has a deep knowledge of industrial processes and how energy is a resource that needs to be managed, just like materials, labour and capital equipment.

We provide practical solutions that assist you in optimising energy by identifying waste energy and providing solutions to eliminate this energy.

We work with a a range of clients across all sectors including Automotive, Engineering, Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors

Energy is a Resource

70% to 80% of a manufacturer’s energy bill is consumed in the manufacturing process and therefore needs to be managed as a resource. We know how to identify it, optimise it and assist you in managing it.

Our solutions are used by many industrial organisations from small engineering shops through to large multinationals. We have a wide range of experience in all types of operations, from discrete through to process manufacturing. Our average energy optimisation rate is 21% of the facilities energy bill.


Ecopare’s solutions for the Industrial sector focuses on optimisation of energy within the manufacturing process. We acquire detailed energy data right down to machine or process level.

From this, we develop Energy Personalities that shows where to optimise processes, introduce technical interventions or highlights where a capital replacement project needs to be carried out.

Every project we work on focuses on how energy affects financial, occupational, quality and environmental objectives.

We always set a target of delivering practical solutions that have an ROI of less than 24 months. In some cases we have delivered solutions that pay back in a matter of weeks.

Solutions for Manufacturers