Professional Energy Audits focused on factories and industrial plants

Identify, plan and act to reduce wasted energy

An energy audit provides the evidence base for eliminating waste energy in a factory or processing plant. It will identify all plant and machinery and their respective energy consumption levels, the cost of running the plant both in operational hours and out of hours, and provide a prioritised list of Energy Savings Projects that will help reduce energy waste and decrease your Carbon Footprint.

Our Energy Audits are delivered by Certified Energy Auditors and, for lighting surveys, by Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals. All our staff have an industrial background so they understand how energy is used across your shop floor.

Our Energy Auditing services

Identify plant and machinery energy usage and prioritise energy savings projects

We have delivered industrial energy audits across many different factories and processing plants. These audits range from simple factory walk-throughs down to detailed energy data collection on individual plant and machinery. Our audit reports are simple to understand yet provide the detail to make informed decisions on how to tackle energy waste.

Our 4 step Industrial Energy Auditing process provides a framework and a consistent level of service across all our clients.
The steps are:

Step 1: Operational data collection and utility bill data analysis

This is a desk based exercise where we collect the operational data such as shift patterns, manufacturing volumes and benchmark it with our extensive database of similar manufacturer's data we have. We also undertake a utility bill analysis to ensure that you are being billed according to your utility contracts.

The typical utility bill issues we pick up on include:

  • Over and under charging on estimated bills when there is a price change
  • Correct contractual rates (unit pricing, distribution fees etc

  • Correct billing meters, published charges and invoice dates

We are able to identify a range of issues from the invoices:

  • High levels of reactive power
  • Energy usage in Non-operational times
  • Excessive baseload
  • Opportunity to shift high energy production to non-peak energy rates
  • Excessive capacity charges vs actual capacity used

Step 2: On-site surveys

Once we have the base data and an agreed audit process, the next task is to perform the on-site audit. One of our Energy Auditors spend some time on-site gathering data on the plant and machinery. The auditor will also interview key staff to determine working procedures and to uncover any known energy issues or opportunities.

The typical audit will have the following activities:
  1. Kick-off meeting to meet the team, agree the audit's scope and objectives, request any other data requirements and to ensure that all safety issues are addressed.
  2. Factory tour to understand process flow and to identify where additional data will need to be collected
  3. Department/ manufacturing cell meetings to interview key staff and to collect detailed boiler-plate data
  4. Completion meeting to provide initial feedback and to request any additional data that may not have been available during the audit.

We usually survey the facility twice - once during operating times and once out of hours such as weekends. This gives us an indication as to any systems that are left running such as compressors, lighting, heating etc.

Step 3: Energy Measurement (Optional)

Some of our clients would like to get the real baseline of energy consumption in their factory. We have the equipment to capture detailed energy consumption from a number of aspects: the whole facility, manufacturing cell/ process line or by individual plant and machinery. This solution is our Lean Energy Management solution.

Step 4: Compile and issue the Audit report

The last step in the process is to compile and issue the Energy Audit Report. The report is usually provided in two formats to cater for different audiences.

The summary report will identify the main energy asset groups, their energy usage profiles and to provide a prioritised list of areas of opportunity to optimise your energy usage. This list will have provisional costings attached. The audience is the senior management team and key outside stakeholders.

The main report provides the details of the energy report such as details on the utility bill analysis, plant and machinery boiler plate data and any issues raised during the departmental interviews. It will also provide the business case details on how the priority list was complied.

Case studies

Previous projects we have delivered

Our Industrial Energy Auditing projects have been conducted in many types of manufacturing plants including engineering shops, automotive plants, food processing plants and assembly plants. A few examples are shown below:

Automotive Paintshop Energy Audit

Ecopare undertook a detailed energy audit of a large automotive paintshop to uncover any opportunities to reduce their operating energy costs. As the operation is 24x5 continuous process the management team were unsure whether any savings could be made without major capital investment. The outcome was a roadmap highlighting over £500,000 worth of savings for minimal cost and more importantly , minimal disruption.

Industrial Process energy consumption verification

As part of prototype development of a new industrial process, our client wanted to obtain detailed energy data to use in their economic modelling. We undertook a detailed energy audit which included gathering a full processing cycle's worth of data. This data included electricity, water, gas, heat and process temperatures. All the data was verified a second cycle to ensure accuracy.

Industrial Energy Treasure Hunt

A large primary food processor requested that Ecopare helped them undertake an Energy Treasure hunt to help identify waste energy. Over a four day period we co-ordinated a number of internal teams to collect data on their major energy users. This was then combined into a workshop session where a list of energy optimisation projects was agreed. A total of £3.5m worth of savings was identified during the project.

Furniture manufacturer energy audit

A leading contract furniture manufacture wanted empirical evidence on their product processes' energy usage. Ecopare undertook a detailed energy audit across their factory to identify their energy profiles. At the same we we collected real-time energy data off key energy assets such as the extraction systems, air compressors, milling cells and spray booths. The report showed an opportunity to reduce their energy bill by 28% through a combination of process improvement and installation of energy efficient technologies.

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