Energy awareness is key to delivering Energy savings

Interactive learning on how to identify, prioritise and deliver energy savings.

The Energy Awareness Workshop for manufacturers is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning. Specifically tailored for the manufacturing sector and how to optimise your shop floor energy usage.

It has been created for non-technical staff members including operations directors, manufacturing managers, lean specialists, process leaders and maintenance/ facilities managers.

The workshop’s outcome is to bridge the knowledge gap between the utility bill costs through to actual energy consumption on the shop floor and the factory buildings. It identifies energy savings based on operating hours, shift patterns and manufacturing processes

The workshop format

During the pandemic we are delivering the workshop remotely via Teams or Zoom.

We provide a free-to-attend workshop in a public format with other manufacturers and their staff and we also provide a bespoke on-site workshop if required. The bespoke workshop includes a high level audit of your facilities before the training day so we can better tailor the output to your way of operating.

Regardless of which workshop you attend we will only be focusing exclusively on Energy Awareness in factories and processing plants.

During the workshop we will cover the following topics:

  1. Setting the context: The drive for reducing operational costs
  2. Your energy bills demystified, key data that needs to be measured
  3. Energy terminology explained
  4. Identification of major energy users in a manufacturing facility
  5. Energy reduction project case studies
  6. Delivering successful energy savings projects

Key features of the workshop

  • Delivered by a Certified Energy Auditor with over 15 years energy savings experience
  • It is a half day of learning and knowledge sharing on energy management with your peers
  • It has been designed specifically for non-technical staff in mind
  • Key energy concepts will be explained in a non-technical and practical way.
  • On average attendees identify 18% of their own organisation's energy consumption as wasted energy during the Workshop
  • It delivers a prioritised action list of energy optimisation projects for your business

  • What they say

    "The team really enjoyed the training session. I think we now understand why turning off the compressor at night will save us a fortune."

    Operations Manager, Weavers

    "I wasn't really looking forward to the session as I have so much on my plate. You did inspire the team to rethink our end of day packing process and we look forward to the results"

    MD, Metal casting company

    “I learnt more yesterday about energy than my 20 years on the shop floor. We have already identified 4 opportunties to reduce our energy usage. Thanks again!”

    Maintenance Manager, Engineering shop

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