Industrial Sector

Reveling the power in the process

We understand industrial energy management

Ecopare has a deep knowledge of industrial processes and how energy is a resource that needs to be managed, just like materials, labour and capital equipment.

We provide practical solutions that assist you in optimising energy by identifying waste energy and providing solutions to eliminate this waste.

We work with a a range of clients across all sectors including Automotive, Engineering, Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Why use us

Ecopare was founded on assisting industrial sector companies to become more energy efficient. We understand that energy is a resource that needs to be managed just like raw materials and labour. We have developed a set of services that identifies waste energy, provides a set of tools to eliminate this waste energy and then verify the savings. We have delivered over 500 energy efficiency projects in the industrial sector saving our client's over 4 MWh of energy per annum.

Manufacturing type skills knowledge

  • Advanced Engineering
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Food and Beverage
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Composites and Plastic Injection Molding

Examples of our Clients

Services we offer our industrial clients

Energy Audits

Ecopare's Energy Audit covers all types of industrial facilities and process plants.

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Lean Energy Management

Energy monitoring as a service on the shop floor. This service provides a detailed energy profile of your production line.

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Energy Awareness Workshops

The Energy Awareness Workshop is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning. Topics include understanding your energy bills, technical jargon made easy and how to run an energy reduction project.

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Industrial LED Lighting

LED lighting for factories, process plants and warehouses. We install LED high bays, LED task lighting and Emergency lighting

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Industrial IoT and smart metering

Retofit meters onto your production line or across your facilities. We provide tailored installations to meet your big data requirements.

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Factory Thermographic Audits

A range of tools to deliver detailed thermographic audits in factories to identify issues in industrial pumps and motors, electrical distribution and steam/compressed air systems.

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ISO 50001 services

Ecopare can assist you in implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System for your organisation.

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