Professional LED Lighting Installations

Reduce your lighting costs by over 70%.

Ecopare has a dedicated LED lighting team that can assist your school in upgrading its lighting to LED.

We have successfully delivered projects into Maintained Schools, Colleges, Independent schools and Academy Trusts. This includes upgrading sports halls, classrooms, dining halls, welfare areas and outdoor lighting.

Our in-house DBS cleared engineers and electricians deliver all aspects of a lighting project from helping you develop a business plan through to commissioning the new installation.

Our services

Quality, consistency and excellent customer service

Our team provides all aspects of delivering a successful project. We not only help you design a new LED lighting scheme but we also install it and commission it to ensure quality and consistent lighting.

Step 1: Lighting Audits

We have Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals and Certified Energy Auditors who will professionally audit your school's lighting and provide an audit report on the quality, condition and new lighting options. We can also provide at the same time a real-time energy audit to provide evidence of the actual savings you can make once LED lighting has been installed.

Our audits take the form of:

  • Analysis of the electricity bills for past year to understand the base energy load and patterns of usage
  • Physical walkthrough of the buildings to capture lighting fitting types, quantities and quality of light
  • Short interview to establish any specific requirements including lighting levels for SEN areas, unusual usage patterns (outside clubs on weeknights/weekends) and other such data.
  • Delivery of the audit report which will include before and after costing models, recommended lighting & lighting levels, possibility of lighting controls and a payback cost model.

This service is usually free to the client but if the client wants it to be an independent third party audit (such as to develop a tender specification) then we charge on a daily rate basis.

Step 2: Lighting Design and Project Plan

Once we have the lighting count and lighting criteria we can develop a lighting design. We use a number of lighting suppliers that we know that their LED lighting is of quality and fit for an educational environment. We try and work with British based suppliers who can provide the level of customer service needed for a school.

Our inhouse lighting designer will produce a photometric model of the new LED lighting to ensure it meets with the lighting levels needed for the area being lit.

Once we have the design we will pass it onto our installation team who will create a costed project plan to install the lights out of term time.

The lighting design and project plan is then presented back to the client in the following format

  • Type, quantity and locations of new LED Lighting fittings
  • Emergency Lighting installation plan (if required)
  • Fully costed installation price including lighting costs, labour, waste material removal, lamps recycling, project management fees and certifications.
  • Delivery and Installation plan to ISO9001 and SafeContractor accredited processes.

Step 3: Lighting Installation

Our team of accredited electricians will install your new LED Lighting using our proven ISO9001 methodology. This includes providing a detailed Risk Assessment, Method Statement and CMD plan.

We manage the delivery of the products to site, the removal of the old lamps, installation of the new lamps and commissioning of the system.

Installation typically takes place through the holidays but, as with a number of our independent school clients who are continually operational, we will install in a number of short phased projects when gaps in the operations calendar are available.

To ensure that our delivery is of the highest quality we hold the following certifications:

  • All staff are DBS enhanced checked and certified for work in schools
  • NAPIT accredited for both domestic and non-domestic electrical installations
  • SafeContractor accredited for our Health and Safety procedures
  • IPAF and PASMA certified for using scissor lifts, cherry pickers and mobile towers.
  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations for our quality and environmental standards.

Step 4: Lighting Controls and Commissioning

Lighting controls can easily be installed into any existing building. We use a mix of motion sensors and daylight harvesting sensors to further reduce energy costs. This can add an additional 10% savings on top of the 70% savings made by converting to LED.

A popular requirement we see is to reconfigure switches in a school hall. By using wireless switches we can easily allow for banks of lights to be operated independently without the need for expensive rewiring.

Once we have installed the lights and the sensors we can commission the system. We undertake the following steps to complete a lighting project:

  • Functional testing of all light fittings, switches and sensors
  • Perform an emergency light test to verify correct operations and issue the Emergency Lighting Certificate
  • Verify lighting levels and new energy consumption levels
  • Train staff in correct use of any technical aspects of the lighting system, for example, performing an emergency lighting test.
  • Issue the Lighting Commissioning Certificate and the Operations & Maintenance Manual

Case studies

Previous projects we have delivered

Our projects include upgrading Sports Halls, classrooms, lecture theatres, laboratories and outside lighting. A few examples are shown below:

Independent School LED Lighting Upgrade

A Surrey Independent Prep School relocated to a larger property and as part of the move they upgraded the lighting to LED based lighting. This included upgrading the multi-use hall, the library, the classrooms and all common areas. The new lighting is 75% more efficient and is rated to last for the next 12 years.

CoE Primary School LED Lighting Upgrade

A Church of England Primary School has recently upgraded their lighting to LED lamps. All classrooms, halls and common areas were upgraded. All emergency fittings were also replaced with self-test Emergency fittings. The new lighting is 73% more efficient and is rated to last for the next 14 years.

School Sports Hall LED Lighting Upgrade

An independent Senior School wanted to replace their Sports Hall lighting to reduce energy costs and to also increase the level of lighting. Ecopare replaced 50 SON lamps with 20 LED high bays with motion controls over a 2 day period. The school now saves 90% of the energy costs and which paid for the upgrade in less than 9 months.

A phased LED Lighting upgrade to a school

A leading primary school wanted to use the savings made on their LED lighting upgrades to be re-invested into further upgrades. Over a period of 18 months 60% of the schools traditional lighting has now been replaced with LED lamps.

School multiuse hall LED Lighting Upgrade

A small primary school wished to reduce their energy spend and upgrade the old T12 fluorescent lights in their hall. Ecopare replaced the fittings with low-glare LED high bays that provided a 85% reduction in energy spend.

School hall LED Lighting Upgrade

A secondary school needed to upgrade the level of lighting in one of their halls as it had fallen below the recommended level. At the same time they wished to reconfigure switching options to allow for zone based lighting and dimming capabilities. Ecopare upgraded the lighting LED and installed wireless lighting controls to provide the necessary functionality.

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