Energy Metering gives you control on your energy costs

You cannot manage energy if you don't measure it

Installing energy meters across your school estate will give you a detailed profile of your energy usage. Retrofit smart meters will collect energy data from a range of sources including lighting circuits, kitchen equipment, pool pumps, heating systems or classroom blocks.

Our energy meter installers are professionally trained technicians who have installed hundreds of meters and sensors into schools, campuses and estates. All of which are DBS cleared to work in schools.

Energy Meter Installations

Fast reliable data collection via wireless sensors

Our energy metering installations are based on a three-tier framework: the physical meters integrated into the energy infrastructure (for example water, gas or electricity meters), the data collection sensors which read the meters and transmit the data, and our reporting platform to provide the information.

This framework gives us the flexibility to integrate into existing metering points such as incoming electricity or water meters or to install our own. We use wireless sensors to collect the data and securely transmit it to our reporting platform.

Smart Electricity Meters

We have installed hundreds of electricity sub-meters into all kinds of properties. Our meters are able to capture electricity usage right down to a single appliance such as a photocopier up to whole buildings and estates. Using a combination of physical meters and wireless sensors, we can rapidly install a system that gives you control over where, when and how your electricity is used.

Typical school electricity metering projects we have undertaken include:

  • Sub-metering of buildings on an estate such as Science blocks, Sports hall, Kitchens, Classroom blocks
  • Electricity usage in a kitchen to be rebilled to the catering company
  • Electricity generated by a Solar installation vs grid power
  • Swimming Pool complex energy monitoring

Our electricity metering solution for schools is highly customisable and easy to install.

We usually can begin collecting data and providing meaningful information within a few days of the installation.

Wireless Water meters

Water consumption in schools is difficult to manage due to the lack of usage data provided by the utilities. Typically a school will only receive quarterly bills. These may be estimated based on previous history.

The issue we commonly see is that if the school's property develops a water leak, it may be up to 6 months before it is picked up via the billing data.

By installing water meters at critical points in the water infrastructure across the school and linking them up to energy sensors, the school will have instant access to key water usage data.

We recommend to schools that the following areas are considered:

  • Main incoming water feeds - to verify your bills and get high level information
  • Kitchen/ dinning areas - to monitor for excessive use or running through taps
  • Swimming pool complexes - water leaks
  • Main buildings/ blocks - leaking cisterns, taps and broken pipes
  • Sports fields - broken pipes, taps and excessive watering of fields

Intrinsically safe gas meters

Obtaining reliable gas consumption figures is very difficult- even if you have a smart gas meter. As a percentage of the total energy consumed in a school, gas is usually around 60% of the energy mix.

The two main uses of gas is for heating via the central boilers and for use in the kitchens.

By installing gas meters into these two areas over 95% of the gas consumption can easily be measured.

Environmental Sensors

Deploying non-energy related sensors is becoming a standard part of a metering project. Especially when energy for heating/cooling is part of the scope.

We have a range of sensors that we can easily install into a school to provide continual feedback of environmental factors.

Our sensors include

  • Ambient Temperature sensors for controlling heating systems
  • Temperature sensors for alerting when specific temperatures are exceeded such as in kitchen freezers, under cabinet fridges etc
  • Occupancy sensors for lighting and heating control
  • Daylight, sunrise/sunset triggers for lighting optimisation
  • Continual skin temperature thermal sensors

Energy Dashboards for Schools

Turning data into knowledge to reduce wasted energy

Our dashboard solution takes all the data our meters and sensors collect and displays it in a format that is easy to understand. We also combine external data feeds such as degree-days data with the energy data to provide in-depth analysis. All reports can be downloaded and used in other applications such as Excel.

Reports and graphs we supply:

  • Snapshot infographics such as energy used today or forecast vs actual
  • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly usage by energy type or environmental aspect
  • Trend analysis of working vs non-working periods
  • Comparison graphs for example Building 1 vs Building 2 or Gas consumption vs temperature
  • Downloadable data tables for all energy types

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