Commercial Sector

Energy Reduction Services for Commercial Businesses

We understand business' need for energy reduction

From the retail environment through to hospitality and commercial premises, Ecopare has worked with a wide range of clients and understands the different requirements of each business.

Typically, most of energy consumed in these types of businesses is through lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). We are experts in identifying potential waste and provide solutions to reduce this waste energy.

Through our energy auditing surveys we typically identify potential energy savings in the region of 20% - 50% for most buildings.

Although energy may only be a small part of the overall cost (way behind the cost of labour and rent) it has a large impact on the overall profitability - up to 2% of the bottom line. We have the tools to reduce this cost and to increase your profitability.

Our clients

Ecopare has worked with many types of businesses.

We have delivered energy saving projects into hotels, pubs, restaurants, concert venues, office blocks, estates and logistics hubs.

These range from businesses with a few members of staff through to major multi-national organisations. We are happy to provide client references all our work that we have undertaken.

Services we offer our commercial, retail and leisure clients

Commercial Energy Audits

Ecopare's Energy Audit covers all types of business facilities and estates.

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Energy Awareness Workshops

The Energy Awareness Workshop is an interactive half day of learning, knowledge sharing and action planning. Topics include understanding your energy bills, technical jargon made easy and how to run an energy reduction project.

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Commercial IoT and smart metering

Retofit meters into your business facilities or across your estates. We provide tailored installations to meet your big data requirements.

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Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting for business offices, estates, convention centres and retail outlets. We design, install and commission an wide range of LED lighting and Emergency lighting

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Energy Measurement and Verification

Providing independent Energy Measurement and Verification (M&V) of savings for any Energy reduction project. Our consultants are CMVP certified to ensure a professional standard of reporting.

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ISO 50001 services

Ecopare can assist you in implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System for your organisation.

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