Case Study Public House Energy Audit

Building Energy Audit

Tenanted Public House

Organisation Type
Public House

Project Scope

A two week detailed energy data collection and analysis project to understand the amount of energy required to run a pub.

  • Installation of electricity sensors on all main energy consumers - the cellars, the kitchen, the bar area and the lighting.
  • Installation of energy sensors on the gas meter and water meter.
  • Detailed energy capture for 2 weeks to capture daily workload and peak energy usage vs non-working times
  • Real-time reporting plus big data post project analytics


A full energy audit report was presented to the landlord that showed:

  • Identification of a £1,500 per annum water leak due to a broken exterior tap.
  • £2,000 of savings in the kitchen due to optimised kitchen prep time
  • Potential £500 per annum savings on new LED Lighting.

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