Case study Prep School LED upgrade

Upgrading a school's lighting to LED

Greenfield School, Woking

Organisation Type
Independent Primary School
Building Type
Classrooms, Corridors, Multi-use Sports Hall

Project Scope

Greenfield school expanded into a new site in the summer of 2019. The project included renovating and upgrading an existing school to meet their requirements. The lighting was a key project during the renovations.

Ecopare designed, sourced and installed the new LED lighting to meet exact lighting requirements throughout the school

  • Replaced over 150 T8 linear fittings with high quality LED linear fittings
  • Replaced over 200 bulkhead fittings in corridors, toilets and welfare areas with LED bulkheads
  • Installed new LED high bay lighting in the sports hall with full lighting control including dimming capabilities, zoning, motion sensors and daylight harvesting
  • Upgraded the library lighting to include daylight harvesting to ensure maximum energy savings

  • Installed new Emergency lighting using the latest self-test technologies to ensure continual operation
  • Upgraded all external lighting including bulkheads, bollards, floodlighting and wall-washers


  • 72% Reduction in lighting energy consumption
  • All lighting meets recommended lighting levels in classrooms and sports areas
  • Maintenance free lighting for the next 12 years
  • 21 tonnes eCO2t reduction
  • 5 year warranty on the fittings

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