Case Study Paint Shop Spray Booth

Industrial Process Energy Measurement

Automotive Spray Booth

Organisation Type
Manufacturing type
Automotive Paint Shop

Project Scope

A four week energy data collection and analysis project to understand the amount of energy required to run an Automotive Paint Shop Spray booth in a 24/5 environment.

  • Installation of electricity sensors on all motors and pumps including AHUs, water reticulation, robots and lighting.
  • Installation of gas meters on group AHUs, temperature sensors on incoming airflows.
  • Detailed energy capture for 4 weeks to capture weekly production trends
  • Real-time reporting plus big data post project analytics


On the back of the provided information, the client was able to:

  • Optimise the weekly start-up procedure to reduce the run hours by 10% reducing the annual running cost by £52,000.
  • Identification of down-time and welfare-breaks energy cost.
  • Kicked off booth pressure balancing project to optimise air-flow to reduce energy costs
  • Identified downstream project to replace oven burners to optimise gas usage.

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