Case study Automotive Paint Shop LED lighting

Automotive Paint Shop LED Lighting

Birmingham, UK

Organisation Type
Automotive OEM
Building Type
Paint Shop

Project Scope

Retrofit upgrade of all lamps in the paint shop to LED based lamps

  • Upgrading of T8 fittings to accept LED T8 tubes across 8,000 fittings
  • Fabricated and installed bespoke LED based Chicago fittings for inspection decks
  • Upgraded all high bay lighting to LED based long-life high bays
  • Upgraded all corridors, welfare areas and non-production areas to LED based fittings


  • 18 months Return of investment
  • Verified 72% reduction in energy
  • 10 °C reduction in work deck ambient temperatures
  • Verified 20% reduction in downstream defects after inspection lines
  • 5 year warranty on production deck fittings, 10 year warranty on high bay fittings

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