LED Lighting in a Primary School Classroom reduces energy consumption by 65%

New classroom lighting eliminates 65% of energy consumption

Sector: Education Sector

Project: LED lighting upgrade



A leading Surrey primary school wanted to reduce the energy consumption across their site through the adoption of LED lighting, specifically targeting their classrooms and teaching areas.

The existing lighting was almost exclusively fluorescent based and the fittings generated a lot of unwanted noise which was distracting for staff and pupils.

Regularly failing lamps and control equipment was a constant frustration for staff and the maintenance team.




Ecopare used their experience of installing LED lighting into numerous education environments to select a proven combination of high quality LED panels and linear fittings to ensure all the school’s requirements were met.

The installation took place over a phased rollout, working with the school to ensure minimal disruption.

Microwave sensor technology has been installed in key areas to further reduce wasted energy by automatically turning off the classroom lights when the rooms are empty.

Both the aesthetics and the quality of light throughout the school have been dramatically improved and staff and pupils are extremely happy with the new LED solution.