Case Study – Warehouse LED Lighting

Sector: Industrial Sector

Project: High Bay LED Lighting for Warehouse



A leading logistics company required a new lighting system for a 26,000m2 client warehouse to replace a mixture of linear T8 and T12 fittings and Sodium High Bays at an average height of 7m.

The average light levels were at 65 lux dropping down to 40lux in certain areas.

The warehouse is divided into 5 zones and is in use 24x7. The client requested an average level of 150lux for storage areas and 300lux for the receiving bays.




Ecopare’s solution was to replace the 230 Sodium High Bays and 790 linear fittings with 400 dimmable LED High Bays with microwave motion sensors. When no movement is detected for 10 minutes the fitting will dim down to 10% of its power ensuring that the warehouse is never in darkness.

The high bays are rated at a minimum life of 100,000 hours and have a 10 year warranty. Based on Ecopare’s calculations, the fittings should provide a no maintenance 15 year life span.

The cost savings on the new lighting system are in the region of £186,000 per annum with a projected 25 month Return of Investment.

The 10 year payback on the project is £938,000 based on the capital expenditure and the energy used.




Over the next 15 years the lighting levels will remain above 150 lux with the light quality that of daylight (5,500K at 82CRI). The system also emits no Ultra Violet light or has any flicker so reducing any photophobia effects of traditional SON lighting.

Annual eCO2 emissions are reduced by 734 tonnes a year.

Environmental waste has been reduced from a current maintenance cycle of 1 to 3 years for a lamp replacement to one every 15 years.