Energy Awareness Workshop for Manufacturers

Sector: Industrial Sector

Project: Energy Awareness Workshop for Manufacturers



Optimising your energy resources is a team effort and it needs to involve the whole organisation.

The Energy Awareness Workshop for manufacturers is designed to be an interactive day of learning and action planning.

It has been created with manufacturers in mind and deals with the concept of energy being a resource and not an overhead.

The workshop’s goal is to bridge the gap between the incoming energy utility bills and actual energy consumption at a machine or process line level.


Workshop contents


An Introduction to Energy Management

  • Energy Management in context
  • Key concepts in Energy Management
  • Consumption, Cost and Carbon
  • Where are you on the journey?

Your Energy Profile

  • Understanding your energy bills
  • 12 month review of consumption
  • Factors influencing energy consumption
  • Where is energy being used in your facility?

Energy Optimisation Action Planning

  • Review of non-value energy consumption
  • Identifying Energy Optimisation projects
  • Prioritisation and benefits of projects
  • Agreeing the Energy Optimisation Action Plan



Designed specifically for optimising manufacturing facility’s energy resources

  • The workshop content is tailored to the client’s facility to reflect their energy profiles
  • Key energy concepts explained in a practical way. We explain terminology such as kW vs KWh, Carbon, base load and Energy Profiles
  • On average clients identify £8,000/ 40 tonnes eCO2 of non-value added waste energy during the day
  • Delivers a prioritised action list of energy optimisation projects

Who should attend?


The workshop is aimed at transferring knowledge of energy resource optimisation to all operational and administration staff.

We recommend, at a minimum, that the following senior roles should attend:

  • Operations director/ manager
  • Manufacturing director/ manager
  • Production/ shift supervisor
  • Facilities managers and Purchasing managers
  • Environment, Health and Safety manager

What are the options?


The workshop is delivered in a number of formats depending on the audience. These most popular versions of the workshop are:

  • Onsite Single Company. The workshop is delivered to up to 10 staff on a single site. The content is tailored to ensure that their key capital assets (such as CNC machines, process lines and compressors) are used as examples throughout the day.
  • Onsite Multi Company. This is aimed at a group or cluster of companies such as a supply chain. The content is tailored to highlight peer review and benchmarking on their energy profiles and energy management processes.
  • Offsite sector focused. This is aimed at trade associations, centres of excellence or other membership based organisations. The workshop is tailored to suite the type of profiles we find in the chosen sector.
  • Offsite general company. This is aimed at organisations that would like a general introduction to Energy Optimisation. The workshop is tailored to allow benchmarking against those who attend as well as our sector focused energy profiles.



The workshop is delivered in a number of formats depending on the audience. These most popular versions of the workshop are:

  • ‘A valuable day of learning. The action planning section was particularly useful.’
    Mr A, MD of a Plastics Manufacturer, Kent
  • ‘We liked the total focus on manufacturing, unlike other courses I have been on which focus on lighting and air-conditioning.’
    Ms R, HSE of a Pharmaceutical company, Oxford
  • ‘Energy price benchmarking was an eye opener. We are paying way too much for energy.’
    Mr B, Ops Manager of an Electronics Assembler, Surrey