Case Study – Energy audit in a Surrey pub identifies over 30% energy savings

Sector: Commercial Sector

Project: Energy usage snapshot and audit in a pub



The Fox Inn (a Farnham based Greene King Pub), wished to look at ways of reducing energy consumption wherever possible, however there was a general belief that most of the energy consumed was in the cellar area with little opportunity to actually reduce consumption (circa £12,500 per annum across gas, electricity and water).

With margins being so tight in the pub sector, any reduction in energy and operating costs has an immediate and tangible effect on the profitability of a pub.




Ecopare firstly installed a temporary metering solution to look at where the energy was being used throughout the pub. This monitoring, alongside a physical audit of the site, quickly identified that the electrical base loads outside of core ‘opening hours’ were relatively high and that opportunities existed to reduce this.

During the audit, and by examining historical billing data, Ecopare also identified that the amount of water being used daily was significantly higher than was normal. With no changes having been made to operating hours or machinery used, this immediately pointed to a leak.

Looking at when the kitchen was actually in use, against energy consumption, showed the opportunities existed to reduce out of hours consumption coupled with reduced, and more efficient, gas usage during opening hours.




The installation of LED lighting within the pub has reduced lighting costs by 90% and nearly £500 per annum, whilst improving the quality of light and reducing maintenance requirements.

The water leak was identified and rectified with a reduction of circa 4m³ of water per day, equating to approximately £1,400 of savings per annum.

By adopting our recommendations, the out of hours energy consumption in the kitchen has been reduced by approximately 50%, resulting in savings of approximately £2000 per annum.

The total optimisation identified and implemented equated to £3,900 or approximately 30% saving.


energy savings per annum


reduction in lighting costs