Case Study – School Energy Audit

Sector: Education Sector

Project: School Energy Audit



The client is a mixed Surrey-based independent school for ages 3 to 11, with over 220 pupils. The site, like many schools, comprises a mixture of both old and new buildings.

There was a degree of energy awareness within the school although no formal energy policy existed and the school wished to explore where it could reduce its current energy spend, whilst improving its 'green credentials'.




It was agreed that an energy efficiency audit would provide the school with an initial and much needed analysis of where the opportunities for greater efficiency lay.

This survey was carried out by Ecopare’s Certified Energy Auditors and it covered all areas such as building fabric, heating/ cooling requirements, general power usage and lighting.

At the same time the audit was being undertaken, Ecopare’s engineering team installed a smart meter onto the incoming electricity feed of the school.

This allowed the collection of real time electrical energy data over both term and holiday times to help establish accurate base loads.

A trial area was agreed upon to install some new LED panels. Ecopare’s Electrical team carried out the work with zero disruption to the school, transforming an area where artwork is regularly displayed.

This has allowed the school to engage all stakeholders to the benefits of LED lighting across the school.




Our holistic energy audit identified potential savings in excess of 50% of the school's current energy spend.

The overall payback period on the recommendations delivered in the report were in the region of 2½ years, including some very compelling figures around a full LED retrofit.

The two main gas boilers providing the space-heating and hot water have been upgraded with an estimated savings of around £1,200 to £1,400 a year.

The trial LED corridors have been a great success and we are now proceeding to install further LED solutions in teaching areas of the school.

The smart meter on the incoming electrical feed has been kept in place and is being used to ensure that the holiday time baseload is where it should be and is being remotely monitored by Ecopare to check for spikes.

The system will also be used to validate the real time savings when the new LED rollout is completed across the site.