New classroom lighting eliminates 49% of energy

Sector: Education Sector

Project: LED lighting upgrade



An Essex-based College for Further Education required a new lighting upgrade in six of the campus buildings including the main Hall, staffroom, classroom and library.

The scope and attributes of the project were to replace the wide variety of lighting types to LED equivalents in over 1,150 fittings. This meant removing the old luminaries, lamps and all waste products from site for recycling and replacing damaged and obsolete fittings to new modern types. The aim was to improve light consistency and quality of the teaching and work areas and to reduce power usage and maintenance.




Ecopare’s solution was to replace a total of 450 light trays with LED panels rated for 50,000 hours, retrofit 1,200 fluorescent tubes with T8 Linear LED options with a 5 year guarantee and replace missing/not-working tubes, which amounted to approximately 10% of the total count.

Dark areas and shadows have been eliminated and there are now consistent levels of light with no flicker, colour change or UV. The results also mean zero maintenance for the next 15 years and no stock holding. This has meant a reduction in energy cost of £16,000 per annum and the average LUX across the site has been increased.