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Delivering energy savings since 2010

New Occupancy vs Energy Usage Audits

Is your business facing higher operational energy costs per employee due to safe social distancing?

Ecopare's energy auditing solution provides baseline energy cost profiles with occupational and environmental data to uncover waste energy.

We will audit your office's energy usage, occupancy levels and provide you with a report on where you can reduce energy

What we do

Ecopare delivers real energy savings for businesses by optimising energy usage,
replacing old technology and providing expert knowledge on how to optimise and reduce your energy usage.

Our Clients

Our UK client base is a mix of small, medium and large organisations.
They all have one common trait - that they want to reduce their operating costs through energy efficiency.
We have strong sector skills in the industrial, commercial and academic sectors.

Our Business In Numbers


Average Savings

Average energy savings per client

light fittings replaced

We have replaced or retrofitted over 38,000 traditional lamps with LED replacements delivering 1.2 MWh of savings per annum for our clients.

Typical Payback

Typical months it takes to pay back the capital expenditure

Projects Delivered

with more projects added every month