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Are you spending too much money on energy during the pandemic?

We can identify your energy spend through our Occupancy vs Energy Usage Audits

Working From Home has lowered the occupancy rates of commercial offices. Without active Building Management Systems most companies rely on staff to turn off lighting and heating in unused offices. This is usually ineffective and leads to wasted energy usage.

Ecopare's energy auditing solution provides baseline energy cost profiles with occupational and environmental data to uncover wasted energy. We will audit your office's energy usage, occupancy levels and provide you with a report on where you can reduce energy.

Our service offerings

We provide practical solutions to help businesses reduce their energy usage.
This will save you money and reduce your Carbon Footprint.

We achieve this through energy auditing, energy efficiency programme management and installation of smart energy metering. The results we get are then used to install energy efficient technologies such as Building Information Systems, LED Lighting and Variable Speed Drives.

Our team is made up of seasoned energy managers, auditing specialists and technical experts. We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and SafeContractor Accredited.

Our Clients

Ecopare has a diverse range of clients across three main sectors: Industrial, Commercial and Education.

Since 2010 we have delivered hundreds of projects ranging from Energy Auditing through to large scale LED retrofit projects. Our projects are rapidly delivered with the focus on short Return of Investment timelines (typically less than 24 months).

A selection of clients are shown below:

Industrial Clients

Commercial Clients

Educational Sector Clients

Our Business In Numbers

Ecopare is driven by results and metrics. We keep detailed data on our achievements to ensure we are delivering value to all our clients. From a high level business perspective we have achieved the following results over the past 10 years:


Average Savings

Average energy savings per client.

light fittings replaced

Fittings and lamps replaced in our client's facilities since 2014.

Typical Payback

Average ROI for our projects.

Projects Delivered

Successful Energy reduction projects delivered since 2010.